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Deep Cleaning Your House: A Room-by-Room Guide

While regular cleaning tasks like vacuuming and doing dishes are essential for maintaining a tidy home, it's important to set aside time for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning allows you to tackle those areas that often get overlooked during routine cleaning. Whether it's springtime or any other time of the year, this room-by-room guide will help you give your home some extra love with a thorough deep clean.


Before You Begin:


  • Clear away clutter: Before diving into deep cleaning, start by decluttering the rooms. Pick up any items scattered on the floor, tabletops, or counters to ensure you have easy access to the areas you need to clean.
  • Make a plan: Outline which rooms you'll tackle and when. Consider the time it will take to complete each room, and don't hesitate to break the work into multiple days or weeks. Deep cleaning is a marathon, not a sprint. If time is limited or you have a larger home, you may consider hiring professional house cleaning services to assist you.
  • Check your supplies: Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary supplies on hand. Running out of something mid-clean can be frustrating and disrupt your progress. Recommended supplies include baking soda, broom, brush with stiff bristles, cleaning caddy (optional but useful), dish soap, dusting cloths (microfiber is ideal), garden hose (for outdoor tasks), gloves, dust roller, mineral oil, mop, multipurpose cleaner, sponges, telescoping pole for hard-to-reach areas, vacuum with extension accessories, white vinegar, window and glass cleaner, and wood cleaner and polish.

Deep Cleaning Bathrooms:


  • Scrub showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets: Prior to starting in the bathroom, spray the tub with a multipurpose cleaner to allow it to soak and break down soap and oil buildup. Apply the same treatment to toilet bowls and sinks, making future scrubbing easier.

Suggestion: Don't forget to clean the toilet base near the floor, where dirt and grime can occasionally accumulate.


  • Wipe down light fixtures, mirrors, and window treatments: Take extra care to remove dirt and grime from corners and edges. Use a damp cloth with vinegar to wipe down these surfaces.
  • Wash glass shower doors: To remove soap scum or water spots, apply warm distilled white vinegar and let it sit for about half an hour, reapplying if necessary. Then sprinkle baking soda on top and gently scrub away the spots.

Tip: A slightly damp anti-static sheet can also help eliminate buildup.


  • Launder cloth curtains or bathroom mats: Check the care labels and wash these items according to the recommended cycle. To prevent wrinkling, set the dryer to low heat and remove them when slightly damp. Hang them back up in the shower to dry completely. For plastic shower curtain liners, wash them in cold water and hang them to dry or replace them with a new one.
  • Clean out under sinks and inside cabinets: Over time, these spaces tend to become cluttered. Remove everything to clean the bottom surfaces and clear any cobwebs that may have formed. Discard expired items and those no longer needed as you put things back. Organize the remaining items, placing frequently used items near the front for easier access.
  • Don't neglect the grout: Create a homemade grout cleaner using vinegar, baking soda, and water. Spray the grout with a half-vinegar/half-water solution until it's thoroughly saturated. Let it sit for a few minutes, scrub it with a bristled brush (such as an old toothbrush), and then rinse. Make a paste with baking soda and water, apply it to the grout using the brush, and spray it with the water and vinegar solution. The resulting bubbles will help remove grit and grime while your brush does the rest. Rinse the grout with warm water when finished.

Tip: In a pinch, carpet cleaner also works well on grout.


  • Disinfect handles and doorknobs: Often overlooked, these areas are some of the germiest in your house. If you haven't cleaned them recently, thoroughly clean them using a multipurpose cleaner or disinfectant wipes.

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen:


  • Wipe down cabinets: Use a damp cloth to carefully clean both the inside and outside of cabinet doors, as well as all sides of the cabinets, including the top. For grease splatters, dip the cloth in pure vinegar to remove the grease, then rinse it in warm water to wipe off the vinegar. Ensure the cloth is well wrung out before cleaning wooden surfaces and quickly dry the surface with a paper towel after cleaning to prevent moisture damage.

Suggestion: After wiping down the top of the cabinets, cut a piece of paper to fit the space. The paper will collect dust, keeping your cabinets clean, and you can simply replace it during next year's spring cleaning.


  • Vacuum refrigerator coils and vents: Use the hose or brush extension of a vacuum to remove dust and dirt from the refrigerator coils and vents. Alternatively, you can rent an air compressor to blow out the dust.
  • Clean the refrigerator and defrost the freezer: Empty the refrigerator to remove food particles from the shelves and inside walls, starting from the top and working your way down. Check expiration dates when putting food back and discard anything past its prime. Remember to wipe down the front of the refrigerator and freezer, paying attention to disinfecting the door handles.
  • Discard old sponges: Sponges can harbour bacteria, even after microwaving. Disinfect sponges every few days by soaking them in a bleach-water solution (3/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water) for 5 minutes. However, after a couple of weeks, it's best to replace them entirely or switch to reusable silicone scrubbers that are easier to sanitize.
  • Scrub the stovetop and vent: Use mineral oil to remove greasy film from range hoods and stovetops, then wipe away the oil with warm water and dish soap.

Tip: Apply a layer of car wax on gas stovetop surfaces (not the grates) and wipe it off. This will make future spills easier to clean.


  • Clean the oven: If your oven doesn't have a self-cleaning feature, create a DIY cleaner by mixing 5 tablespoons of baking soda, 5 drops of dish soap, and 4 tablespoons of vinegar into a paste. Apply the paste to the tough areas, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a sponge or non-abrasive brush. For stubborn oil stains, squeeze a few drops of dish soap onto half a lemon and rub it on the problem areas. Scrub or wipe it clean.
  • Organize the pantry: After removing everything from the shelves and cleaning them off, arrange pantry items by purpose. Use clear containers or tubs to group baking ingredients together, keeping them separate from other pantry items. This way, when you need to bake, everything is readily accessible. Utilize shelves and clear containers to separate breakfast items from snacks or dinner ingredients, and so on.

Tip: Install a dry-erase board inside your pantry to keep track of what you have or need.


  • Clean the microwave: Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with a cup of water and microwave it for 5 minutes. The steam from the solution will coat every inch of food particles, making them easier to deep clean.
  • Sanitize the sink: If you cook with raw meat in your kitchen, chances are the sink is the germiest area in the house. Scrub the sink thoroughly with an antibacterial or bleach solution to eliminate any lurking bacteria.
  • Wipe down countertops: Clear the countertops, including appliances and knife blocks, and use a disinfectant spray or cleaning wipes to clean corners and areas in the back that may not receive much attention throughout the year. Also, wipe down the walls or backsplashes.

Deep Cleaning a House - General Areas:


  • Remove all cushions from sofas and chairs, and thoroughly vacuum the areas underneath. Pay close attention to crevices and corners where crumbs or dirt may have accumulated.

Tip: To remove stains from microfiber fabrics, dab rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) onto the stain using a white sponge and scrub gently with a white bristle brush to prevent colour transfers.


  • Clean your carpets and rugs. If you prefer not to shampoo the entire house, spot clean using a pet stain or steam cleaner.

Tip: In a pinch, you can use the "steam" function on your clothes iron as a steam cleaner.


  • Clear the surfaces of drawers and coffee tables, then use a dust cloth followed by wood cleaner or polish. Treat scratches by rubbing a walnut along the scratch or using a stain pen.

Tip: Remove water stains from wooden furniture by blowing hot air from a hairdryer at close range and treating the wood with furniture polish or mineral oil.


  • Polish your wooden furniture. Clear the surfaces of drawers and coffee tables, then use a dust cloth followed by wood cleaner or polish. Treat scratches by rubbing a walnut along the scratch or using a stain pen.

Tip: Remove water stains from wooden furniture by blowing hot air from a hairdryer at close range and treating the wood with furniture polish or mineral oil.


  • Wipe down baseboards, window treatments, lights, and ceiling fans. Use a telescoping pole or vacuum extension attachment to reach high ceilings and corners. Launder or clean the curtains, and use glass cleaner to clean the windows. Don't forget to sanitize door handles!

Tip: Use a dust roller on lampshades to remove accumulated dust or pet hair.


  • Dust your decorations. Gently clean or brush away dust from all your ornaments, photo frames, and clocks. This task may take the most time, depending on the number of decorative items in your home.
  • Clean your electronics. Pay attention to the TV remote, which is often touched with sticky hands. Wipe down your electronics, including the top of the TV, streaming device, and DVD player. Dust the front of screens using a microfiber cloth or feather duster, ensuring you reach the corners.


Deep Cleaning Bedrooms:


  • Launder the bedding, including bed skirts, shams, and quilt covers. For oversized items, consider taking them to a laundromat or dry cleaners. Don't forget about the pillows!
  • Rotate or flip your mattress to prevent grooves from forming. If you have a pillow-top mattress, simply rotate it. Freshen the mattress by sprinkling baking soda, letting it sit for 45 minutes to an hour, and vacuuming it up.

Tip: Use shaving foam to remove mattress stains. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth dipped in a half-water/half-vinegar solution.


  • Dust neglected surfaces like window treatments, headboards, and ceiling fans. Vacuum or launder curtains if you have them.

Tip: To avoid dust falling on you while dusting ceiling fans, slide each fan blade into a pillowcase to remove the bulk of the dust before using a cloth.


  • Vacuum or mop under furniture, including behind cabinets and beneath beds. Pay extra attention to baseboards and corners.

Tip: If your furniture is too heavy to move, use vacuum attachments or a telescoping pole to manoeuvre a mop head or rag into hard-to-reach areas.


Deep Cleaning Storage Closets:


  • Sort through items and discard anything you no longer need or use. When deciding whether to keep something, ask yourself: 1. Does it fit? 2. Does it flatter me? 3. Have I used it in the past year? If you answer "no" to any of these questions, strongly consider donating or selling the item.

Tip: Reverse the hangers so they are hanging backwards. Throughout the year, only turn each hanger back the right way if you wear the item. If something remains hanging backwards during next year's spring cleaning, you'll know it's time to remove it.


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