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  • Christmas House Deep Cleaning Dublin
    19/11/2022 - PRS Household Services 0 Comments
    Getting Your Home Ready For The Holiday Season

    With less than five weeks to Christmas, it's time to get the house in order. But where do you start, and how, on a damp November day, do you get yourself into the pre-festive spirit?

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  • Green End of Tenancy Cleaning Dublin
    10/07/2022 - PRS Household Services 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Green Cleaning Products

    Natural, sustainable cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular due to their evident benefits in preserving our environment. However, did you know that eco-friendly products also possess significant health benefits compared to their traditional counterparts, made with harsh non-biodegradable chemicals?


    Our professional housekeeping and end of tenancy cleaning teams compiled a list of reasons why opting for a green cleaner might be the way forward.

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  • House Extension Services Dublin & House Renovation Services Dublin
    07/07/2022 - PRS Household Services 0 Comments
    Upsize Your Home Without Moving

    Could you be living in your dream home that's just a renovation away? The opportunity of having a more spacious home is usually rated highly on a homeowner's wish list. However, if you are set on upsizing, don't put your home on the market yet; you've got options!

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  • Best Interior Wall Painters Dublin
    07/07/2022 - PRS Household Services 0 Comments
    Best Interior Paint Colours to Increase Your Property's Value

    Whether you are preparing your property for sale or to let, new interior paint is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to boost your home’s marketability.

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