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Upsize Your Home Without Moving

Could you be living in your dream home that's just a renovation away? The opportunity of having a more spacious home is usually rated highly on a homeowner's wish list. However, if you are set on upsizing, don't put your home on the market yet; you've got options!


Start With a Qualitative Inventory!

Upsizing to a larger home is a major decision. Before deciding on your next move, you should take a qualitative inventory of your current property. Does the existing space being utilised well? How is the location, the neighbourhood? Do you have enough bedrooms? Do you have enough space?


If you identify negatives that exist outside the walls of the home, such as an unfavourable neighbourhood school or perhaps the property is located on a busy street that generates too much traffic noise, moving on may be the most favourable decision.


However, if you are happy living in your current locality with a good support network and community - why would you want to sell? If an extra bedroom or more space is all you need, remodeling or extending your existing home can be a worthy consideration and an affordable alternative to moving.


Extend or Remodel?

Before you knock down walls, however, you should carefully consider your situation. If you have decided on enlarging your existing home, you have two approaches.


First, you can think of adding extra space to your property through a home extension, and second, you can remodel the home, adapting the structure and/or function of parts or all of your property.


In most cases, the decision is made for you. If you live in a flat with no garden, for example, there is little chance of making it bigger. But if you have a house with outside space, extending your property becomes a real possibility.


Home Remodeling

Could your dream open-plan family kitchen be achieved by removing internal walls to open up your home? Can you knock through from the kitchen to the dining room and steal a bit of space from the lounge or attached garage to maximise the feeling of light and space? If you need an extra bedroom, could you convert the loft space?


If you don't need to add space to your home's floorplan, your dream home could be only a remodel away!


The Ups and Downs of Remodeling

Remodeling will almost certainly be a more economical option compared to extensions. Constriction times and the planning hurdle are also likely to be friendlier. In most cases, there is no need for planning permission to knock down internal walls or convert a garage into additional living space, provided that the work is internal.


Another major advantage of reconfiguring your existing house rather than extending outwards is that it can preserve your garden. It's important the end result is balanced. A four-bedroom family house with no garden or parking could narrow the pool of interested parties, should it come to selling in the future.


On the other hand, remodeling will not be suitable for creating additional real estate, meaning you will not be able to add extra area to the existing square meter of your house.


Home Extension

In general, it is best practice to consider all options for remodeling your existing space before setting yourself on a house extension. However, if you have concluded that a renovation or remodeling would not achieve your aims and aspirations, a house extension may be the right path forward.


In fact, most homes can significantly benefit from the addition of a professional extension that will not only add value and space but will greatly enhance the functionality and enjoyment of the property.


Did you know that residential extensions may not require planning permission if the extension is to the rear of the property and does not increase the original floor footprint by more than 40 square metres (including previous extensions)? That said, it is always best to check regulations with your local authority.


The Ups and Downs of Extensions

A house extension will give you the option to add additional real estate to your house and create a fully bespoke design. For instance, you could incorporate your home interior with an open plan kitchen with a dining area overlooking the garden, which in fact, is one of the most popular extension projects today.


However, it must be kept in mind that extensions are often more expensive, disruptive and risky compared to remodeling, with often more technical and administrative issues to deal with.


Have a Project in Mind?

Upsizing can be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime. Careful thought, deliberation and professional remodeling contractors & project managers will help ensure that your upgraded home meets your needs for many years to come.


If you are ready to start your journey towards a more spacious home, contact our dedicated home and house renovations specialists Dublin, with over 30 years of experience in home renovation & house extension projects. Get in touch through our dedicated Property Renovations Website today.


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