Pre-Christmas House Cleaning Tips

Pre-Christmas House Cleaning Tips


As the festive countdown to Christmas begins, it's time to prepare our homes for the holiday season. But where do you kick things off on a chilly December day?


As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, it's natural for our homes to lose a bit of their sparkle. Decluttering can be the perfect remedy to infuse renewed energy into your living space and create a gift of tranquillity for you and your loved ones.

To make the process more enjoyable, consider playing some festive tunes as you tackle household chores and engage the whole family in the process, encouraging your kids to pick out toys for donation as they make room for new holiday treasures.


Ready Your Oven for Christmas Pudding


With delightful feasts on the horizon, it's time to give your oven and cooker a well-deserved deep clean. Start by removing the racks and letting them soak in a basin of hot, soapy water the night before cleaning. Wash the oven thoroughly with warm, soapy water, then apply a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water to the walls, base, and glass, allowing it to work its magic overnight.


Come morning, witness the grime lift off effortlessly as you spray a vinegar solution over the dry paste. Wipe away the residue with a damp cloth and give a final wash with warm, soapy water. Don't neglect your cooker – remove knobs, burners, and burn covers, giving the entire appliance, including the cooker hood, a refreshing wash with warm, soapy water.


Prepare Your Fridge for the Big Shop


In the weeks ahead, your fridge will be working overtime, so take a moment to declutter and give it a proper clean. As you empty the fridge, wash removable parts like drawers and shelves in the sink. For the interior, opt for a sustainable, food-safe cleaning solution by mixing distilled white vinegar with warm water in a fifty-fifty concentration.


To maintain order in your fridge, designate specific spots for different food items. Place frequently used items on the door and top shelf, while reserving the bottom for meat and fish. Middle shelves are ideal for longer-term items like unopened butter and cheese.


Illuminate Your Windows with a Festive Streak-Free Finish


With strings of lights and candles illuminating our homes, windows take centre stage during the holiday season. Keep them streak-free with a green homemade solution of one part distilled vinegar to ten parts warm water. Clean from the top down, rinse, and dry with a kitchen roll to achieve a sparkling finish.


Show Your Carpets Some Holiday Love


Don't leave hoovering go to the wayside as winter boots emerge and shoes get muckier. Regular hoovering helps prolong their life and keeps dirt and dust at bay, ensuring your home remains cosy and welcoming throughout the festive season.


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