The Benefits of Green Cleaning Products

Natural, sustainable cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular due to their evident benefits in preserving our environment. However, did you know that eco-friendly products also possess significant health benefits compared to their traditional counterparts, made with harsh non-biodegradable chemicals?


Our professional housekeeping and end of tenancy cleaning teams compiled a list of reasons why opting for a green cleaner might be the way forward.


Less Harmful to Children & Pets

Almost universally, traditional cleaning agents are harmful if swallowed. In fact, The Irish Times concluded that household cleaning products were on top of a list of domestic products that posed the highest risk of child poisoning in Ireland. Additionally, the regular use of these harmful cleaning products contributed to a 35% greater risk of children developing asthma or other breathing problems by the time they were 3 years old.


While it is best practice to keep dangerous materials away from kids and pets, childproofing solutions are not always perfect. Using natural alternatives will limit the potential harm and, if nothing else, might offer more peace of mind in keeping your family and four-legged furry friends healthy.


Safer for Everyday Use

Although some cleaning products are undeniably harmful, many have effects that are only evident over time. For example, fragranced cleaning products often contain endocrine disruptors. Although these chemicals are ostensibly safe with a low risk that any given exposure will result in adverse health outcomes, constant, repeated exposure can interfere with the body's hormone functions.


Natural borax-free cleaners, on the other hand, leverage various essential oils and baking soda to lend a subtle safe scent and do not become more harmful the more you are exposed to them.


Promotes Better Indoor Air Quality

Have you noticed that some cleaning products (especially glass cleaners) dry up rapidly? Chances are that is because they use volatile organic compounds, ammonia, or acetone. These substances evaporate at room temperature and can quickly lead to poor indoor air quality in your home.


In fact, studies from the EPA and the Irish Examiner called out volatile organic compounds for affecting air quality and contributing to headaches, nausea, irritated eyes, nose and throat and even damage to the central nervous system. These substances were also suspected to be carcinogenic.


In contrast, the absence of volatile organic compounds in green products will help you eliminate hazardous gasses accumulating in your home, reducing the risk of developing asthma while also minimising your impact on global climate change.


Safer for Those With Sensitivities

Even in well-ventilated areas, many traditional cleaning products can remain dangerous for those with allergies, asthma or other sensitivities. Ammonia, acetone and other sources of gaseous irritants are especially risky.


High-quality natural products, on the other hand, go through strict standards regarding toxicity and often rely on plant-based surfactants, vinegar and oils, which are not corrosive and less likely to cause unwanted reactions.


Better for The Environment

Harsh chemicals found in conventional cleaning products often make their way into our environments through our waterways and the air. In addition, these ingredients often degrade very slowly and can even lead to animal endangerment and other significant ecological problems.


Changing to greener methods will help minimise your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals. Finally, many green products use recyclable packaging, which will help you reduce your household's plastic footprint.


Need a Professional Helping Hand?

As Ireland's only Certified Carbon Neutral housekeeping organisation, you can trust our agency-approved housekeeping and professional end-of-tenancy cleaners to use the highest quality, plant-based cleaning solutions whenever we can that pass recognised & rigorous European ecological certifications for the safety of your family, furry friends and of course, our environment.


Our insured deep cleaning services, house and apartment cleaning services and end-of-tenancy cleaning services are trusted in over 15,000 homes of some of Dublin's largest & most prestigious developments. If you need a professional helping hand for a clean & beautiful home, do not hesitate to reach out to our qualified team:



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