Why Use Dedicated Cleaners vs Common Area Cleaners for In-Unit Turnovers

As the Private Rental Sector (PRS) becomes increasingly competitive and resident expectations rise, landlords and managers looking to gain and keep their competitive advantage must ensure that their units are consistently presented to the highest standard (PRS Insights, 2021).

In fact, as residents become increasingly discerning, even a small mistake, such as a couple of faint marks left in the microwave, can narrow down the pool of prospective residents during viewings or leave occupying residents disappointed, damaging their trust in the team responsible for making their stay comfortable (Bunzl, 2018 & Pettyson, 2020).

These requirements fuel an emerging trend in the Irish PRS space, with an increased number of decision-makers opting to use a dedicated, professional in-unit contractor for their individual unit turnovers instead of using their common area cleaners.

But what are the key benefits driving this trend and making partnering with fit-for-purpose in-unit contractors an increasingly appealing choice for PRS managers?

They Ensure That Turnovers Are Perfect Every Time

We all know the expression, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." - Whether a new resident for a corporate tenant or a new letting, the cleanliness of the unit can set the first impression for quality and demonstrate how much the management cares about their stay, leaving little to no tolerance for the quality of service required for unit turnovers (Knight Frank, 2022).

To meet this requirement, dedicated PRS in-unit contractors hand-select and train their operators and use fit-for-purpose equipment (ensuring the safety of residents and the unit itself). Depending on the contractor's dedication, this can include hospitality and operational training & certifications, ensuring that cleaners are fully qualified to operate in high-end PRS units and achieve consistent, portfolio-wide, positive resident first impressions.

Although it must be established that there can be clear divisions between a dedicated in-unit PRS cleaner and another, a proven, dedicated PRS contractor, instructed by a curated list of requirements, will provide managers with the certainty that turnovers will be perfect every time according to their bespoke requirements (PRS-Services, 2023).

In contrast, common area cleaners often are not trained or equipped for in-unit operations, which can lead to small mistakes with devastating effects on a brand's reputation and resident experience.


They Help Reduced Rental Voids & Increase Bottom Line

Supported by rigorous training processes, years of experience operating in PRS units, and purpose-selected equipment, dedicated in-unit cleaners will offer managers the required efficiency and attention to detail to present & maintain their units to consistent standards.

This results in reduced rental voids, improved occupancy rates, an overall more positive & seamless experience for landlords, managers and tenants and ultimately, an increase in the bottom line.

In comparison, common area cleaners often are not trained or equipped to satisfy the requirements of PRS unit turnovers, leading to increased turnover times, lower cleaning standards and even damages to the unit, which can cost PRS managers significant resources.

Underpinning this is our dedicated Service Quality manager, Marta Wlodarczyk, explaining:

                    "We are often recommended to PRS managers who were let down by their existing cleaning partners, often their common area cleaners. A resident is due to view or occupy a unit; however, the apartment was not cleaned to the development's standards, and we are called out to rectify the situation and make the unit ready.

It is clear that managers increasingly demand a cleaning provider who understands the needs and requirements placed to meet residents' needs and will go the extra mile to fulfil them, which often requires in-unit specialists such as PRS Household Services."


They Are Committed to The Perfect Resident Experience

In-unit cleaning operators play a critical role in supporting PRS managers' onsite day-to-day operations. In addition to preparing units for viewing and occupation, they may interact with visitors and residents and, in essence, become an extension of the PRS development's onsite team.

It is, therefore, crucial that they match the asset's professionalism & resident experience. This is why a dedicated PRS contractor emphasises hand-selecting and training their operators and, similar to high-end hotels presenting them in professional uniforms to seamlessly meet the requirements of operating in the units of Irish PRS developments.

In contrast, common area cleaners often do not receive hospitality or in-unit operational training; their selection process may also lack vetting, the requirement for in-unit cleaning experience, or the ability to communicate effectively in English. While this may not have a negative effect on common area cleaning, when operating in the high-end apartments of PRS developments, the lack of qualification, training & dedication often leads to mistakes with detrimental consequences.


They Can Offer Alternative In-Unit Services & Products

Dedicated fit-for-purpose in-unit contractors will go beyond preparing units for new tenancies. Given their extensive experience and capability of operating in PRS units, qualified contractors can help differentiate PRS managers' letting mix and increase their rental income through value add in-unit soft services delivered consistently across their asset portfolio.

Depending on the capability and professionalism of the contractor, this can range from directly invoiced, quality and competitive housekeeping services to individual residential tenants to hotel-style serviced apartment service included in the letting mix.

This is an economical and practical proposal to extend PRS developments letting mix and generate ancillary revenue streams with a curated set of service options tailored to the residents' bespoke requirements, all provided through a single contractor.


Need a Proven, Professional In-Unit Cleaning Partner?

With over 50 years of experience in the residential contract cleaning sector and a proven determination focused on being Ireland's leading supplier of high-end unit turnover, housekeeping and serviced apartment services, PRS is a proven partner for any curated set of products & services necessary to ready your residential units to generate rental income and create consistent, portfolio-wide, positive resident first impressions.

Serving over 10,000 apartments of some of Dublin's largest and most prestigious developments, PRS, Ireland's only Certified Carbon Neutral housekeeping organisation, makes financial, managerial and commercial commitments to maintain its market leader status and consistently satisfy the unique needs of the Irish Private Rented Sector.


Contact us today for more information on how PRS can help you present and maintain your property to the highest standard:

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